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Divorce Mediation Services

"Susan Arnold served as the Mediator for my ex-husband and myself during our recent separation and divorce.  My ex and I both wanted a non-combative forum for separating amicably but fairly, and with the needs of our (special needs) child held in place as the most important priority.

Susan had been recommended highly by friends and I want to, without reservation, highlight her skills as a Mediator and similarly endorse her!  She has a truly special ability to defuse the most hostile and tense situations.  She is gifted with complementary and crucial sets of skills: a gentle, but smart and intuitive interpersonal manner as well as both problem-solving and negotiating skills.   


The complexities of thinking forward through a decade of future custody, finances, real estate, potential residences, and other long-term planning decisions for a young child trigger strong feelings and a potentially adversarial, counter-productive environment.  Susan was able to create a holding environment where, during an emotionally difficult time, we each felt 'heard' and supported, and were able to reach an agreement we both felt comfortable with."  





"The ending of a marriage and a family is one of the most emotionally charged episodes a person can experience in life.
My wife and I decided to try mediation as our vehicle to a separation and a eventual divorce.
Thanks to the professional expertise of Susan Arnold my wife and I were able to hammer out a Separation Agreement that we could both abide by.
During this process there is a lot of points that require significant amounts of negotiation. We had a range of issues including division of assets and custody of our son.

Susan always remained impartial, fair and was able to zero in on the heart of the issues. Susan would find solutions that would lead to a reasonable compromise.
Susan is extremely effective Mediator and consistently maintained a pleasant working environment even when discussions could have easily broke down.
If any problems were to arise with our divorce I would not hesitate to contact Susan to resolve the dispute." 


Attorney & Mediation Services

"Susan represented me as a final review attorney for my mediated separation agreement, and she negotiated and provided several important clarifications and changes for my protection.

Apart from the value she brought as a mediator and advocate, the greatest value she delivered was a relationship and life coach, beyond the conclusion of my agreement. Her objective point of view, empathy, insightful and powerful communication style empowered me in changing my relationship with my soon-to-be ex husband and positioned me for success as I moved forward with my new life after my mediated divorce."

-Joanne Goodrich

Coaching Services

"In mid-life, I found myself facing a challenging choice between two very different career opportunities.  This decision would have a profound impact on my life, family, finances, level of satisfaction, and more, and I was stymied and paralyzed.  I needed the expertise of an attorney and from someone with particular insight and wisdom to guide me.

After just four sessions, Sue's brilliant analysis, supportive and communicative guidance and coaching on strategic business and emotional issues allowed me to evaluate the conflicting uncertainties /certainties that each opportunity presented and she enabled me to make the choice which has proven to be the turning point for me and has changed my life dramatically."

-David Rothstein