The Sensible Solution

How are we different from everyone else?

One session with us and you will see.  We are in this business for the right reasons - to make a positive difference in people's lives.

Too often, the decisions made by judges, arbitrators or directive mediators are not realistic for the parties involved, forcing more courtroom time years later because the solutions fell apart.

At our mediation table, no matter what your conflict, YOU will be the decision maker.  What is the result?  Rebuilding and creating a new reality that you can not only live with, but be happy about.

The bonus is that through our process, we leave you with an enhanced ability to resolve conflict with the other party long after we leave the table - as co-parents, co-workers, business partners, band members, family members, etc.

With our guidance, you will begin down a new, empowered path - without litigation, and on YOUR terms.