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Susan Arnold, Esq. (Founder)

Susan is an experienced attorney, certified mediator, facilitator, mentor and coach and has been a lawyer, with an emphasis on music business and licensing transactions, for more than 30 years, working for several major global companies, including among others, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Entertainment World.

In addition to being a licensed attorney, Susan practices mediation, training, facilitating and coaching through her company, Arnold Resolution.  She is certified by the Institute of Leadership Management,  The Great Place To Work Institute,  New York's Center for Family & Divorce Mediation, The Center For Mediation in Law, CLUSTER, a Westchester County Mediation Center, and is a Mediator Member of the NYS Council on Divorce Mediation.

Susan has been mediating, training, and coaching  for several years, working with people in conflict, helping them to avoid litigation.  She works with people who wish to achieve meaningful change and those who find themselves facing life changing circumstances.  She has consistently achieved phenomenal success with her clients, teaching them new skills, providing advice  and support and helping to create new dreams personally and professionally.  Working and facilitating through any and all kinds of conflict, whether it be divorce, business disputes, rising or 'stuck' executives, family members, band members or business partners, Susan assists in helping people reach their fullest potential by opening channels of communication. Limiting habits are changed and new skills and perspective are learned. 


Insightful and direct, Susan has the genuine talent and ability to get mediation clients who are at odds to embrace common sense and to find solutions that will allow them to move forward.  She will draw out and identify the essence of each party's perspective, to gain a complete understanding of the interests that drive a party to take a position.  She then returns her understanding of those interests to the parties, thus creating discussion which invariably opens doors to solutions.

Susan has discovered that her unique approach to mediating, consulting, advocating and coaching provides the tools, motivation and support to help her clients put the conflict behind them and achieve their goals.